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Lifetime Warranty Window Tinting For Your Car, Truck or S.U.V.


At most window tint shops you will not get a workmanship guarantee!!! Busters Window Tinting guarantees our work to be the best possible job you can get. We are very competitively priced , but not the cheapest. "You get what you pay for" Many lower priced shops will fly thru your job and you will not be pleased with the end result. We have a 3 step cleaning process and a 2 step squeegee process to ensure a unique quality tint job that will dry in 24 hours, instead of 3-5 days at most shops. Busters has had the same Master Installer for about 25 yrs!!!! We do 1 piece back windows and micro gap edge on roll down windows. Please call 317-888-8236 For your lifetime warranty tinting today. 

Keep your car protected and comfortable

Make your vehicle a better place to be!!!

Drive more safely with reduced glare
Having to squint because the sun is too bright to be able to see the road and other cars around you clearly reduces your ability to drive safely and responsibly. Window tinting filters up to 85% of the light that gets into your vehicle, helping you to see clearly and comfortably, and drive with more confidence.

Enjoy a more comfortable ride

If you have ever taken a long road trip in a hot, glare-filled vehicle, you know how uncomfortable and unpleasant it can be. Have more fun on your next road trip with window tinting that lowers the temperature and the amount of light in your vehicle, helping you to relax and enjoy the ride. Call us or a quote of your services.

Trust our experience

Put your trust in our over 29 years of experience.
Call 317-888-8236 to schedule an appointment.

Create a more comfortable vehicle

  • 65% of light blocked
  • 70% of light blocked
  • 80% of light blocked
  • 85% of light blocked
  • Decrease glare
  • Increase privacy
  • Reduce heat transfer, making the interior of your vehicle more
  • comfortable and reducing your dependence on the air conditioner
  • Protect your dash and upholstery from fading
Don't be fooled by other lower price tinting services and end up with tint you have to replace in 2 years. We only use top quality film with a lifetime guarantee against cracking, peeling or bubbling!
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